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International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software

July 5 - 8 2010, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The aim of the congress is to enhance environmental processes and decision making by fostering the discussion and interchange of challenges, solutions, ideas, new methods and techniques, and future research lines in environmental modelling and software.
The 2010 topics for iEMSs is "Modelling for Environment's Sake" include forest fire modeling and software with a dedicate session.
The session will concentrate on forest fire models and the development of their corresponding software. The models mainly include models of forest fire occurrence, forest fire growth, forest fire behaviour, forest fire effect, and more importantly forest fire regime simulation. There are increasing interests in forest fire modeling recently. There exist many forest fire models in all the areas listed above but software are relatively few because the models are mostly research models and were not (well) designed for other users. Thus many users (researchers) have to develop their own models because the existing models are not flexible enough to meet their particular needs even though they might meet some of their requirements. The goal of the session will be not only exploring forest fire modeling but also combining forest fire modeling and software development.

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