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The overall objective of the project is to control and reduce the role of the forest fires as natural hazard for the Alpine environment considerably through prevention and mitigation actions. Currently forest fires play a major role in threatening the forest heritage of the Alps. They are strengthened by decreased precipitation amount, increased temperature and raised frequency of weather extremes as consequence of climate change, by mountain depopulation and overexploitation. The project aims to develop a multi-referential innovative service that strongly supports forest fire management, above all in prevention activities and in the mitigation of the impact due to flaming front on the Alpine forests.

The specific projects objectives are:
1)    to improve forest fire prevention in the Alpine territory with the creation of a shared forest fire danger warning system based on meteorological conditions affecting fire potential and forestry types mostly prone to forest fires, both in current and in future climate;
2)    to optimize the forest fire prevention and suppression procedures to preserve the alpine forest and guarantee the forest ecosystem services;
3)    to define common protocol for danger level interpretation, with the univocal European Forest Fire Danger Scale establishment, and resulting preparedness planning;
4)    to facilitate modulation and coordination of alerting processes and means dislocation in the different regions, reducing fire potential impact and increasing public awareness;
5)    to ensure comparable outputs that can be applied in case either of trans-border events or mutual aid need, through the trans-national involvement of decision makers;
6)    to foster a multi-risk systematic approach linking the forest fire effects with the increase in the landslide and debris flow vulnerability.

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The Alps and Forest Fire

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